About Mahara

Mahara is an e-portfolio tool which allows you to collect together information and display these resourcesĀ in a variety of views to be shared with others.

A user can collect text, files, folders, personal information, images, audio, video, RSS feeds, blogs and CV content and build them into Views. These views can then be shared with an individual, a group, all users, or can be made publically available.

Mahara offers an effective means of creating and sharing:

  • Evidence of your class or assignment work
  • Reflective Practice like a journal
  • Projects and Presentations
  • Social interaction similar to facebook

Mahara provides a social networking environment which allows you to link with other users through groups and friends and collaborate in group spaces

This siteĀ is powered by Mahara. Mahara is provided freely as Open Source software (under the GNU General Public License). In brief, this means that you are allowed to copy, use and modify Mahara provided you agree to:

  • provide the source code to others;
  • not modify or remove the original license and copyrights, and
  • apply this same license to any derivative work.