What is Office 365?

Office 365 is an online version of the familiar Microsoft Office suite of applications. It is provided free to all staff and students of NSW public schools, including ONE free copy of the full MS Office suite to download and use on a home computer.

With Office 365, you can access all of your documents from any device, anywhere.

Everything you need to know about Office 365 at school can be found here : http://1drv.ms/1CDkHrI


Complete the following : 

  1. Complete the Worksheet called "Introduction to Office 365" (Your teacher will have printed a copy for you or download and complete the copy in the files section on this page)
  2.  Gain access to your Office 365 Account.
  3. Use OneDrive to create a folder for this subject. Inside the Subject Folder, create another folder called "office 365"
  4. Download the copy of "Introduction to office 365" found in the files section of this page.
  5. Upload a this document to your OneDrive.
  6. Using the Office 365 application you can "live share" this word document. This means two people can type inside the same document at the same time. Have a friend share this document and, collaboratively, complete this worksheet online by typing in your answers (two people, on different computers, at the same time).
  7. Create a How To guide (with pictures) on how to log into Offivce 365, create a new Word document and Share this document collaboratively with a friend.

Take Care!

Don't install a local copy of the software unless you are using your own HOME computer. Don't try to install the software at school.

Don't install Bing!

Don't Install !!!

Introducing Office 365