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Topic 2 - Software Development and Hardware

This topic introduces the student to concepts in computer programming. Students are required to hand-code a website in HTML incorporating information they have studied in class about Computer Hardware. They are then encouraged to create a simple computer game using a programming language.

Assessment will include a class test (10%) and Project (20%)

Students Learn about : Hardware (Core Topic 4) and Software Development and Programming  (Option Topic 8):

Students Learn about :

 Functions that hardware performs

  • input
  • process
  • output
  • storage
  • control

Hardware components : Components of a hardware system and their functions such as

  • motherboard
  • central processing unit (CPU)
  • coprocessor chips
  • memory: random access memory (RAM), read only memory (ROM)
  • hard disk
  • controller cards
  • graphics adapter cards
  • power supply
  • expansion slots
  • bus lines
  • input/output ports
  • display

Basic programming concepts

  • input, process, output
  • functions
  • assignment statements
  • variables
  • constants


  • definitions and descriptions
  • representing algorithms
  • examples such as recipes, directions, appliance instructions


GUI layout including

  • graphics tools 
  • objects such as textboxes, list boxes and command buttons

Control structures

  • sequencing
  • selection such as binary and case
  • repetition and/or iteration such as pre and post test





Students Learn to:

  • describe and classify hardware devices
  • identify and use hardware devices in the context of the chosen option
  • examine the code of an existing software program to describe the input, processes and output
  • examine an existing program and identify functions, assignment statements, variables and constants
  • modify an existing program to assess the effects of changing variables on the output of the program
  • experiment with an existing GUI layout in a selected software program
  • design a simple GUI layout for a specific problem and apply simple programming code
  • define algorithms and describe examples in daily life
  • represent algorithms by using either flowchart or pseudocode
  • explain the purpose of an algorithm when solving problems
  • eliminate sources of error to create working code
  • debug all errors in code using peer checking, desk checking or software debugging tools


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Software Development

Classwork and Exercises

The pages listed below link to all of the work for this topic. Students have the option to complete the tasks in any order. Students are encouraged to seek support from their peers, the internet and their teacher as required.

  1. Take a Test
  2. Learning about HTML
  3. Learn about Computer Hardware
  4. Make Flappy Bird Game in Scratch
  5. Learn about algorithms


Assessment will include a class test (10%) and Project (20%)

Class Test

Class test will be a single period test including multiple choice and short answer questions. All questions will come from the following pages:

  1.  Learning about HTML
  2. Learn about Computer Hardware
  3. Learn about algorithms


By completing this project students will learn how to code a simple web site by hand in HTML and create a simple online game in the programming language Scratch. The assignment details can be downloaded below.