This unit provides an overview of robotics and automated systems. It starts by examining robotics and the types, purpose and use of robots. You will learn the function of robots including the use of sensors and actuators. The second half of the unit describes automated control and automated systems.


5.2.1 describes and applies problem-solving processes when creating solutions

5.2.2 designs, produces and evaluates appropriate solutions to a range of challenging problems

5.2.3 critically analyses decision-making processes in a range of information and software solutions


You will learn to

  • define and describe robots, robotics and automated control systems
  • examine and discuss the purpose of robots and hardware devices associated with robots
  • examine and discuss hardware devices associated with automated control systems
  • investigate robotic and automated control systems
  • program a robot ranger

You will learn about

  • the history of robots and robotics
  • different types of robots
  • purpose , use and functions of robots
  • automated control systems
  • input, output and processing devices associated with automated control systems

File(s) to download

Robots at work


What you need to complete

Submit the following as part of your e-portfolio:

  1. Research or check this History of Robots site and then visit and create a Timeline deciding yourself which ten important   points in history to record. Then save and embed this timeline in to your Robotics Task 1.
  2. Research and add to your portfolio:

    • Do research into the representation of robots in movies and on television. Construct a table that identifies and describes the characteristics of at least five different robots in movies and television. Make a presentation of your 'Robots in movies and television'. Include the image of the robot and a brief video of the robot in action. 
    • ‘Robots will free millions of people from dirty, dangerous and boring industrial work and their aplication will enrich society.’ Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer. Write at least 200 words. Add your completed work to your Robotics Task 2.
  3. Answer to questions on 'What to do / Robotics Task 3' on page 4 and add to your Robotics Portfolio.
  4. Answer to questions on 'What to do / Robotics Task 4' on page 5 and add to your  Robotics Portfolio.
  5. Answer to questions on 'Robotics Tasks 5 - 9' on page 6 -13 and add to your Robotics Portfolio.