Ecosystem Day 1

Ecosystem Day 10 - MURKY !

Species in my model

Common Name Scientific Name
Water Plant  Angiosperm
Flat worm  Planaria
Bugs? Paramecium
Water Snails  Mollusca Pulmonata

Pond Water Under a Microscope

Flat Worm

In this movie and picture it shows a flat worm. Flat worms can grow up to 1 inch long but the ones that are in my ecosystem you have to use a microscope to see them.

Flat Worm Picture


If I put my pond in the sun more bugs will grow because the sun will give the plant energy so it will grow and give more food for the bugs to grow.

If I took one species out:

If i removed the plant then I think there would be less bugs because there would be less food for them to eat. 


Every day I...

1. Sucked 1ml of water from the bottom of my pond

2. I looked under ther microscope and counted how many live animals I found in one minute

3. I also made notes about what the water and plants looked like

4. I recorded my count and notes in my results log.

Results - Daily log




12/3 34 First day after I just made my model inside
13/3 34 Inside today, not much change
14/3 35 Inside today again water is still clear
15/3 36 Put it outside in the sun to see if more would grow
16\3 38 In the sun today . That's a lot in one minute.
17\3 40 It went up by two. but the water is starting to get cloudy
18\3 42 There was lots of sluggy things to day and the ware is going green
 19\3  44

 There was so many at the start of counting and then at the end of one there was not that many. Mabey the light on the microscope is hurting them?

 20\3  45  I didn't put it out in the sun today so it didn't grow as much but I think I saw algae - they were little green balls. and the water is very dark and the plant is dying because I think it is not getting enough air.
21/3 48 I took the lid off but the plant is still dying and smells bad but the bugs are still growing and don't seem to mind a bit.


My results showed that my hypothesis was right because the number of bugs increased even faster when I put my model in the sun.