The People Don't Know Their True Power

How is power represented in this text?

This is a cartoon that depicts politicians and where their source of power comes from - the people. The text on the cartoon is the main message. "The People Don't Know Their True Power." And it's true. The people don't. In our world today, politicians gain the support of the people, prime ministers and presidents are elected, dictators govern countries, but where is their power truly coming from? The people. Eloquence and manipulation plays a huge part in obtaining power over the people but if there were no people or if none gave in to support, eventually, the one trying to hold power will crash. In the cartoon, there is a politician at the very edge of a wide plank. If all the people stepped off that plank, gravity would pull him down and he would be nothing. He is nothing without the people. The one man that steps off the plank is enough to enforce the idea that if they all stepped off, he would fall. It also gives us the idea that it is the people's decision whether or not the politician stands or falls but they seem too oblivious to even notice what is beneath them as their heads are towards him. Supporting has great power as well. Without supporters, there would be no one to hold power over. Dictators would have no one to dictate to and no one following them if there were no supporters. The people believe that they need the leader, where in fact, the leader needs the people.