This particular cartoon uses visual elements such as symbolism, contrast, and composition to represent an idea about power. The salient image is the group of the people standing on a plank, which creates a vector towards a man standing at the other end. The symbolic podium, microphone and suit indicate that he is a politician. The reading path continues back to the original group, where one figure can be seen stepping off the plank. These figures appear identical, and are holding placards up to the politician. The caption provides further meaning to the cartoon by explaining that, the majority have the power in this situation, but that the do not realise this. The composition of this cartoon emphasises the vulnerability of the politician by placing him on the far right of the image, emphasising his isolation, whereas the people are grouped on the far left. The plank they stand on is a visual symbol of the balance of power in society.

Also, this cartoon emphasises the powerlessness of the politician by leaving him on the far right of the image, whereas the politician can only survive if he gains the majority of the support from the people. Otherwise, the plank would loss the balance which means the politician will fall over. It visualizes the balance of the power in society.