What Do I Do ?

This is a self directed1  and flipped2 classroom for learning about ICT and how it relates to Bloom's Taxonomy. Below is a suggested list of things to do, but feel free to just browse around.

1 To learn about self-direction and engagement and why its a good idea - click here

2 To learn about flipped classrooms and why they are a good idea - click here

Step 1Arrow

Watch the video about Bloom's taxonomy and how it relates to ICT on the right hand side of this page.

Step 2

Have a look at the kinds of things you can do with ICT that relate to each of the levels in Bloom's Model.

Click on each word below to learn more.

Step 3

Time to do some thinking and planning.

Step 4

Now, record your findings so others can see what you plan. You can also view the plans of other teachers and share your ideas. Click here to visit the ICT Planner Page.



Blooms and ICT

Bloom's Taxonomy